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Mimya is a project designed to create a world brand by feeding from this geography by using knowledge, experience and knowledge in textile sector .. Mimya's adventure began in Bomonti, known as the heart of Turkish textile in 2014. The company sought to bring the conservative woman together with modern lines that she needed daily, or even in business. Mimya is distinguished among other designer brands by its superior fabric and sewing quality as well as the unique designs and designs that are specially designed for Mimya every season, as well as the strengths of production and pieces in contrast to many brands.
As Barse Textile we manufacture and supply apparel, apparels, clothing, clothings, garment, garments, wear, wears, readywear, readywears, ready made, ready mades, ladies wear, ladies wears, knitted wear, knitted wears, outwear, outwears, dress, dresses, mens wear, mens wears, knitted outwear, knitted outwears, woven wear, woven wears, woven outwear, woven outwears, ladies clothing, ladies clothings, women wear, women wears, women clothing, women clothings, women apparel, women apparels, women outwear, women outwears, women woven wear, women woven wears, women knitted wear, women knitted wears, men wear, men wears, men clothing, men clothings, men apparel, men apparels, men outwear, men outwears, men woven wear, men woven wears, men knitted wear, men knitted wears... BARSE Textile was founded in 2008 in izmir / Turkey as a ready-made garment manufacturer and exporter. Our policy includes reliable and effective service, in time production and delivery as welll as high flexibility with our young,trained and experienced staff.
Eresya Clothing Inc. was established in 1995 and has been producing ladies' outerwear from woven fabrics for the British market since its inception. Up until today we have produced over 7 million units of highly detailed mixed garments (with a retail value of 1 billion gbp )for mostly high end British labels on a FF and CM basis. Our in house production facility is situated on 6,000 square meters on two floors in the center of Istanbul, Turkey at a very close proximity to the airport. Currently we employ 400 workers within our premises. Our capacity is 9 thousand units of mixed garments per week. Our factory has over 300 machinery** and is fully equipped, from cutting to packing, to produce any kind of tailored garment. We have all the automated machineries including auto jigs, automated pocket insertion, sleeve insertion and considerable amount of stab stitching machines. We also have our own warehouse with an integral sample room facility in Royal London Estate in Tottenham.
Bariscan Textiles aim is to become solution partners with the leading brands in fast fashion industry. Bariscan is supplying world brands garments for Women, and kids wear such as soft separate dress, blouse, skirt and pants etc. We aim to be competitive with the difference we make in terms of speed, price and quality for our customers. In terms of supplying, we offer solutions considering our customers’ needs with our internal production in Bursa with 2 self-owned factories and, certified sub-contractors in different areas in Turkey. We also provide designs to our customers with our in-house and Barcelona based design team.
Women, men, children, ready-to-wear products design, manufacture and export are our duty. we work with our team, open to innovation. We manufacture and supply oversize, clothing, oversize woman clothing, oversize dress, oversize jacket, oversize jeans, oversize t-shirt, oversize tricot, oversize vest, oversize tunic.. ready desposable medical supplyes like masks, gloves, full suit, grown, full protection for covid-19 with CE approval, surgical masks, 3 ply mask, we are turkish companies that manufacture Face Mask Anti-Virus Facial Mask and other components for the COVID19. medical mask, face masks, ffp2 mask, ffp2 masks
Glocal was established with high quality fast fashion European retailers and brands in mind. In a world where the fashion industry is more and more dominated by a handful of major retailers, Glocal aims to commit to individuality, original handwriting and attention to detail & quality that is needed to establish a working stable link with the final customer. In our highly skilled in-house production set up, from creative pattern cutting to packing, we strive to be a fast effective, realiable sourcing / manufacturing base. We perceive the brands and retailers we work with as our partners. Their success to us, means our success.